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About Us

Constructora SK, inc. a General Contracting Business, operating since 2005. We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial construction, providing services such as re-model, as built drawings, expansions, pools, patios, office space, gypsum work, concrete work, wood work among others. For the past eleven years, Constructora SK has provided our customers with a very high quality product, following the highest standards in the market as well as safety.

Our personnel are highly qualified and trained. Heavy or light, we have the equipment for almost every job. Licensed and registered to do business in Puerto Rico by ASG (201402446) and DACO (AR-11006-CN).


The Man who started it all

Hector del Busto, born in Arecibo Puerto Rico, lived in Massachusetts during his college years studying in University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMASS). He later returned to Puerto Rico where he earned a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering at "Universidad del Turabo" (UTPR). After graduation he became a project engineer, working for Bir Ram Contractors at Pfizer Barceloneta. Hector ran the day to day operations for the company and some of the tasks for him to perform were: staff meetings, scheduling, work distribution, quality control, quoting, coordination with subcontractors, and coordination with plant staff among other things.

In 2004, Hector decided to start his own business and with the experience and knowledge acquired from the years prior he became the president of Constructora SK. He has developed a company capable of performing at the highest level of professionalism and quality. Hector has made sure his company and employees have the proper training and documentation to comply with all the federal and state regulations.


Where He found his Inspiration 


As a family man himself, Hector's vision of providing the same quality home and lifestyle he gives to his own to other families is what drove him to dedicate his efforts to build and remodel homes for the people closest to him in Puerto Rico. He found the inspiration on the name for the company from his sons: Alexander, Samuel and Kelvin. The two youngest (Samuel and Kelvin) turned into the name sake of the company turning the logo into a symbol of deep family roots giving comfort to his clients knowing that their investments are in trusted hands.

Where We are Now

We are considered one of the highest ranking construction companies in Puerto Rico delivering top quality services and products. We also partner with Home Depot and other local puertorican companies that share the same core values when it comes to ensuring that the people they serve are not only satisfied but, they can trust that their homes are well designed, built strong and can endure anything our constantly changing world will throw at them. 



Our Goal

To set a foundation for future prospects to enjoy a platform that is truly user friendly when it comes to choosing what is right for them. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to be a part of our movement so we want to provide opportunities to nationwide professionals that have the same core values and standards that our company has, to provide exceptional customer service as well as fulfilling our client's dream project. 

Shipping + Handling

If you are a customer who requested our products to be installed by our professionals after you checked out, we send these products to your home the same day our contractor is scheduled to begin your project. That is to say, we hold on to them in our warehouse until all the items in your order is collected and ready to install.

If you are one of our D.I.Y's we have either the manufacturer or the manufacturer warehouse send the items directly to you so you can rest assured your products will arrive to you all the sooner.

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Shipping + Handling
Our Vision

We know that being a homeowner can be tough especially with all the things you need to manage in order to keep a wonderful looking home. We invision ourselves being the #1 sought after homebuilding company as we are very different from our competitors. You see, we want to make sure all of our customers are living in a home they can be proud to live in and we do this by walking you through every process wether its a remodeling project or a brand new house building project. We will be there every step of the way for you and ensure you only get the very best.

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